Evaporative Cooling: it is right for your climate?

Seeley International invests millions of dollars in Breezair’s advanced technology to achieve the best cooling across a range of climates.

Evaporative air conditioning is used around the world including in some of the harshest climates; moreover, it is a suitable energy efficient and cost effective cooling solution.

Evaporative cooling is right for humid climate?

Evaporative cooling relies on the basic principles of evaporation, where warm or hot air passes through water which evaporates to lower the air temperature. To read more about the science behind evaporative cooling, click here.

For evaporation to take place, humidity needs to be below 100%, so the air can begin to absorb water. Air can hold a certain amount of water vapour, and the degree of water absorption will depend on how much it is already ‘holding’.

Even in climates where the humidity is high, Breezair can provide comfort by increasing the airflow. Breezair units feature a powerful motor and a unique fan to increase the flow of air via ducts throughout the building. See more about Breezair’s unique features here.

It is the combination of temperature and humidity that creates comfort, and evaporative air coolers are used so widely around the world because they can create comfortable conditions. For example, 80% humidity and 30°C is very uncomfortable, but 80% humidity and 16°C is quite comfortable. Furthermore, comfort is also improved by increasing air velocity in hot conditions and evaporative coolers create sufficient air movement to also minimise the effects of humidity.