Features and Benefits of Breezair Evaporative Cooler

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Features and benefits of Breezair evaporative cooler. The best solution when cooling large spaces

With its unique features and the technology made in Australia, Breezair shines above all others as an innovative world class evaporative cooler. It is the most efficient evaporative cooler on the market and the best solution when cooling large spaces where high heat load is involved.

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Built to last

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Inspiring technology

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Cool, not recirculated air

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No legionella risk

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Easy to control

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Not just another swamp cooler

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Built to last

Installing a cooling system is an investment into your business. That is why we build Breezair cooling units that are guaranteed to last.

We use materials that can withstand constant use in the harshest climates on earth – our units are exported all over the world.

Tornado® Pump

  • Exceptional reliability in extreme conditions
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Dual directional – it can’t block!

Non-clogging water distribution system

Breezair’s non-clogging water distribution is one of the things that make it unique. The water distributor maximises cooling efficiency by supplying a continuous and balanced flow of water across the cooling pads. This is different to any other brand of evaporative coolers, which are subject to water flow variations for a number of reasons. Breezair’s balanced flow ensures highest evaporation efficiency and maximum cooling.

Permatuf™ corrosion-proof cabinet

The Breezair cabinet will not corrode or rust. The UV stabilised structural polymer material is the same type used to make acid baths, battery cases and some space satellite components. Plus, it’s designed to blend with any property.

Inspiring technology

Inspiring technology

Breezair cooling units feature advanced technology and a range of unique and clever design features that combine to achieve the highest cooling performance of any similar cooler.

Below are a few of Breezair’s innovations that continue to deliver energy efficient cooling all over the world:

Invertacool™ Inverter technology (available for the TBSI and Icon series)

  • Cleverly manages power consumption and eliminates the wasteful and costly stop-start-stop sequence of old-fashioned systems
  • Generates greatly reduced energy use and genuine cost savings

MagIQtouch Air Sensor (An optional extra available with the MagIQtouch Controller)

  • Mount your air sensor anywhere in your warehouse or factory, so the air temperature is measured at the most relevant place, not just near the controller.

External Air Sensor (available for the Supercool Series)

  • Displays current outside temperature
  • Intuitively optimises water and energy usage based on outside ambient conditions
  • Extends the life of your air conditioner by automatically draining the water tank when temperature nears freezing


  • Automatic sealing system
  • Reduces draughts and dust
  • Reduces need for winter cover

Cool, not recirculated air

Cool, not recirculated air

Breezair uses evaporative cooling technology to bring clean, fresh air into your workplace. Unlike refrigerated air conditioning, the cool air won’t dry out the skin, nose or eyes. It uses a fan to push outside air through water-soaked cooling pads.

Evaporative cooling relies on airflow, which means it’s ideal to have windows and/or doors open allowing fresh and clean air to circulate, or using an extractor to push the air outside.

Click here (internal link to FEAC explanation) to learn more about how evaporative cooling technology works or see below some Breezair innovations that help cool your business with, fresh clean air:

New breakthrough MINI-CELL^ Chillcel® Pad technology

  • Dramatic improvement in cooling efficiency
  • Revolutionary new Mini-Cell structure provides a new development in cooling technology
  • New, enhanced small cell design means that the Breezair range boasts a new cutting edge level of cooling capacity – up to 21% more than before, for the highest efficiency product
  • Pre-wet function allows the pads to be fully saturated before the fan comes on so only cooled air enters the building

No legionella risk

No legionella risk

Properly maintained evaporative coolers will not transmit the disease because they produce no aerosols. Evaporative air coolers should not be confused with cooling towers or evaporative condensers, which involve different technology.

Evaporative coolers cool air close to its wet bulb temperature: in order to cool, the water temperature has to be below the air temperature, and so water very rarely rises above 20°C, outside the Legionella risk range.

Secondly, in good evaporative coolers, water is drained from the unit when it is not required, so there is no standing water to rise to ambient temperature.

But above all, as we have said, well designed evaporative coolers do not produce any aerosol, meaning that even if bacteria were present in the cooler, there is still no mechanism there to transfer them to humans.

Moreover, there are no recorded cases of evaporative coolers causing Legionnaires’ disease and research indicates transmission of the bacteria is not possible by the evaporative method.

Two important Breezair functions grant no risk for Legionnaires’ diseases:

WATERManagerTM system

The Breezair WATERManager ensures optimum machine life with minimum maintenance by constantly checking water quality. As the water in the cooler evaporates, it leaves behind impurities and salts, which then become deposited on the cooling pads and cause the cooling power to fall. The WATERManager system senses water quality with a probe that sends a signal back to the electronic module, which then ejects some dirty water and allows fresh water to enter.

Clean and dry function

The cooler drains automatically when it’s not in use, preventing algae growth and maintaining a clean cooler.

Easy to control

Easy to control

MagIQtouch Controller (available for Supercool series)
Control your climate with the innovative MagIQtouch Controller, Breezair’s easy to use control panel. The technology includes in-built Installation Wizard, making the operating process simple. Each cooler comes supplied with a 20 m wiring loom and it may be extended up to a maximum length of 40 m (optional), and to operate up to 135 coolers* from a singleMagIQtouch Controller, using optional Link Module and wiring loom – no special controllers required! *Total loom length must be <= 1000 m

Interface with BMS

All our coolers are compatible with external control devices such as Building Management System (BMS), so the cooling system can be integrated with other building services and all controlled by the BMS.

Not just another swamp cooler

Not just another swamp cooler

Built in Australia to withstand the harshest climates around the world.

As a proud brand in the Seeley International range of heating and cooling solutions, every part of the Breezair evaporative cooling unit is manufactured in Australia.

Seeley International has offices around the world including Italy, France, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States, meaning that your dealing with a local representative who understands your needs.

Some facts about Seeley International:

  • Australia’s largest and most awarded air conditioning manufacturer
  • Exports products to more than 120 countries
  • Family-owned business
  • History spanning more than 40 years

Seeley’s commitment to innovation and energy efficiency makes Breezair the most efficient Evaporative Cooler in the market. To support innovation at Seeley, the company has an “imagineering” group that includes many of the 50 engineers he employs. They meet regularly to discuss revolutionary, “over-the-horizon” product innovations.

Seeley International is Australia’s only air conditioning and heating manufacturer with a NATA accredited test laboratory. NATA is the authority that provides independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts, for customers who require confidence in the delivery of their products and services. For more information please visit nata.com.au.

The Meridian Psychrometric Test Laboratory is suitable for conducting performance and development testing on a range of cooling and heating products including direct and indirect evaporative coolers, refrigerated air conditioners and heat pumps.

The laboratory has two test chambers with independent control of dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures and three nozzle boxes that allow accurate measurement of a range of airflows. To enable testing of large evaporative coolers, the laboratory also has two desiccant dehumidifiers to extract additional moisture from the test chambers. The laboratory is fully PLC controlled with electronic measurement and data acquisition of all test results.

Appliance performance is calculated by measuring air conditions into and out of the appliance, airflow and power consumption.

The Meridian Test Laboratory allows Seeley International to perform a number of important activities:

New Product Development

Seeley uses computational modelling techniques such as CFD analysis to support new product development, however it is critical to be able to verify the accuracy of models in real world environments. The test facility is used to measure and validate the performance and efficiency of the products being under varying real world conditions. The facility provides the ability to precisely set a range of different test conditions and also enables accurate repeatability of tests enabling small incremental improvements in product performance to be measured.

Auditing of Current Products

Auditing the performance of existing products is important to ensure manufacturing quality standards are maintained. The test facility enables current production products to be easily assessed and performance to be accurately monitored and maintained on an ongoing basis.

Assessment of Competitor Products

To be an innovative leader it is important to be able to accurately assess the performance of competitors’ products and determine any product advantages they may have. The test facility allows accurate benchmarking performance testing to be conducted of competitors’ products against Seeley International products.

Built to last