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Are evaporative air coolers good for health?

Evaporative air coolers by Breezair are excellent for health;

  • they provide basic moisture that the human body needs
  • they remove unhealthy pollution from your indoor environment
  • they supply 100% fresh, filtered air into your building that is NEVER recirculated
  • they remove static electricity; they can assist in reducing the effects of illnesses such as asthma.

In fact, evaporative air cooling is much more healthy than conventional air conditioning. Speak to an evaporative air conditioning expert today to find out how Breezair can help your family.

Can I set up my Breezair evaporative cooler to start or stop at a certain time?

Yes. With the MagIQtouch controller you can set up your evaporative air cooler up with a seven-day program: program mode divides each day into four time periods. You decide when each of these periods begins and what you want your system to be doing. With the MagIQcool controller you can decide when you want the evaporative cooler to be delayed power on and delayed power off.

Do Breezair evaporative coolers require a lot of duct work?

There are several options with ducted evaporative cooling, the most common being on the roof with simple “drop ducts” to deliver the air where you need it. Because evaporative cooling moves more air than traditional air conditioning does, it’s usually easier to get the cooling to where you need it without extensive duct work.

Do evaporative air coolers increase humidity?

In most cases, Evaporative air coolers slightly increase humidity. But remember that the temperature has also dropped. It is the combination of temperature and humidity that creates human comfort, and evaporative air coolers are used so widely around the world because they can create comfortable conditions. For example, 80% humidity and 30°C (86°F) is very uncomfortable, but 80% humidity and 16°C (61°F) is quite comfortable. Furthermore, comfort is also improved by increasing air velocity in hot conditions and evaporative air coolers create sufficient air movement to also minimise the effects of humidity.

Do evaporative coolers pose a risk of legionella?

Properly maintained evaporative coolers / evaporative air conditioners will not transmit the disease because they produce no aerosols. Evaporative coolers should not be confused with cooling towers or evaporative condensers, which involve different technology. Secondly, in a quality evaporative cooler, water is drained from the unit when it is not required, so there is no standing water to rise to ambient temperature.

But above all, as we have said, well designed evaporative coolers do not produce any aerosol, meaning that even if bacteria were present in the cooler, there is still no mechanism there to transfer them to humans.

Moreover, there are no recorded cases of an evaporative cooler causing Legionnaires’ disease and research indicates transmission of the bacteria is not possible by the evaporative method.

Do I have to use genuine Seeley International spare parts for my evaporative air conditioner?

You can be assured that when you order a spare part through our trusted network of spare parts distributors, you will receive a high quality, genuine Seeley International spare part.

Seeley International genuine spare parts have been designed, engineered and tested to optimise performance and safely operate in the specific Seeley International product for which they have been designed.

Seeley International is an ISO9001 Quality Endorsed Company.

The use of non-genuine air conditioner parts for the servicing or repair of Seeley International products is not supported or recommended by Seeley International. Seeley International takes no responsibility for the use of repaired or non-genuine parts used in its appliances. Please be aware that appliance warranties are subject to only genuine spare parts being used

Order spare parts online or call us on 1300 367 437 and you will be automatically redirected to an accredited Breezair spare parts agent in your area.

How is water managed in Breezair coolers?

It is extremely important to properly manage water quality to extend the life of the pads and reduce maintenance. Breezair evaporative air coolers have a bleed feature that discharges a small amount of water to reduce the salt concentration in the tank reservoir. The automatic bleed feature (WATERManager system) constantly checks water quality with a probe that sends a signal back to the electronic module, which then drains some water with higher salt concentration replacing it with fresh water.

How much water will my evaporative air conditioner use and what will it cost?

Seeley International cannot accurately calculate gas, water and/or power consumption as any calculation must be based on individual requirements and conditions. The factors that determine the result include climatic conditions, installation specifications, product selection, service utility charges, expectations and requirements, where these factors continually change prevents a correct calculation being made and cannot be measured at a fixed point. You will need to talk to a qualified dealer to get an accurate price for evaporative cooling. Learn about the environmental benefits of an evaporative air conditioner here.

Any comparisons Seeley International makes between systems are based on equivalent sized products at predetermined requirement and operating conditions.

Visit our running costs page to gather an idea of the factors that determine how much it will cost to have an evaporative cooler.

Is evaporative cooling suitable for open/semi-open spaces?

Yes. Outdoor areas have no walls to contain the cool air: this spaces would be impossible to cool using conventional air conditioning because this relies on recirculating and re-using of air from a sealed area. The solution is given by evaporative air coolers such Breezair, which can easily supply a flow of fresh and cool air to those areas, since all the air is exhausted naturally all the time.

What about those exceptionally hot days, will my Breezair cooler cope?

Conventional air conditioners tend to give off less cooling the hotter it gets, and eventually will end up failing altogether in extreme temperatures. The way evaporative coolers work, is that they give off more cooling the hotter it gets, and there is no upper limit – the evaporative air conditioners will keep you cool when you need them most.

What does ‘spot cooling’ mean?

Often, in large industrial buildings, there are locations inside the plant where the heat is concentrated for a variety of reasons. It might be a furnace operation, or a part of a painting process, or a concentration of people or a cluster of injection moulding machines. In all these cases, we do not need to air condition the whole building, we only need that particular spot to be more comfortable.  Spot cooling by a Breezair Evaporative Air Cooler can dramatically improve the conditions in that location and the productivity of the plant, costing much less than installing conventional air conditioning.

When and how should I clean my evaporative airconditioner?

Seasonal maintenance servicing is essential to ensure your evaporative air cooler operates efficiently for many years. We suggest that any maintenance or checks be carried out by an authorized Seeley International Evaporative Cooler dealer/technicians or properly trained maintenance responsible/technicians. We require that the maintenance service checklist in the evaporative cooler Owner’s Manual, be followed after the first year.

Seasonal Maintenance services must be performed before and after the summer season. For evaporative coolers working for more than 12 hours per day all-year-around, it is necessary to follow the instructions described in the Owner’s Manual for your evaporative air conditioner. Of course the frequency of the cleaning depends on the quality of the water used and on the conditions of the environment.

When should I replace the Aspen or Woodwool pads (the ones that look like wood shavings) on my evaporative air cooler?

With Aspen or Woodwool pads, you should expect to change these every 3 or 4 years. This can vary with water quality and local conditions.

WARNING With any filter pad, failure to replace filter pads when they are past their useful life may result in reduced efficiency/performance of the evaporative air conditioner. Water may carry over into the duct work and/or electrics, which may result in expensive damage and repairs.

To book in for a service, click here.

When should I replace the Chillcel pads (the ones that look like honeycomb) on my evaporative air cooler?

With ChillCel Pads, you should expect to change these every 7 or 8 years. This can vary with water quality and local conditions.

WARNING With any filter pad, failure to replace filter pads or evaporative cooling pads when they are past their useful life may result in reduced efficiency/performance of the air conditioner. Water may carry over into the ductwork and/or electrics, which may result in expensive damage and repairs.

Who do I contact to book a evaporative cooling service?

We recommend seasonal maintenance (pre and post season) if you have a cooler fitted with a bleed system, including regular servicing of your evaporative air conditioner. If your evaporative cooler is fitted with a drain valve, no seasonal maintenance is required. However if you are experiencing problems with your evaporative cooler find out more about how you can book a service here.

Why does my cooler drain some water every now and then?

This is normal and means your water management system is working correctly. Evaporative cooler systems are designed to monitor and control the quality of the water in the tank. So, it only drains water when the system really needs to. The evaporative cooler does this by bleeding off water down through the drain, which is replaced with fresh water via water inlet float valve as the water level in the unit drops. The frequency at which the water manager bleeds off is determined by the quality of the water in the tank. A probe in the tank measures the water salinity (impurities) and, when this rises above a set level, the unit will drain some water.

Why does my new evaporative air conditioner smell when I turn it on?

The Chillcel filter material works well and lasts longer than other types of filters…but it is a bit smelly when you first turn the evaporative air conditioner on! The good news is the smell doesn’t last for long. To reduce this odour:
• Use the ‘Pad Flush’ function in the SETTINGS menu of your MagIQtouch Controller to flush pads.

Why must doors or windows be left open with Evaporative Air Coolers

Air pumped into the building collects heat, moisture and impurities from inside the building and it must therefore be exhausted. The evaporative cooler doesn’t recirculate the inside air: if you close the building, the effectiveness of the machine will be diminished. Mechanical extraction or even just leaving some doors or windows open helps remove unhealthy air from the indoor environment by supplying 100% fresh, filtered air. For this reason, evaporative coolers are more healthy than conventional air conditioning.