Running Costs

Breezair, ducted air conditioning, evaporative air cooler

Breezair cooling systems will save you up to 87% on running costs

The only power-consuming components of a direct evaporative cooler are the fan and a small water pump. Evaporative cooling uses up to 87% less energy than conventional air conditioning; it delivers 100% fresh outside air and utilises water for cooling instead of synthetic chemical refrigerants (CFC’s, HFC’s and HCFC’s). There are no CFC pollutant emissions from evaporative cooling and water consumption is moderate.

Conventional air conditioning impacts significantly on a building’s operating costs as it uses in excess of 25% of the building’s energy consumption. This is what makes evaporative cooling such an attractive solution to create a pleasant environment for workers to maximise productivity whilst at the same time minimising energy costs.

Evaporative cooling is the most efficient option when cooling large areas. In large spaces such as warehouses or industrial plants, conventional air conditioning is not a viable option because the capital and running costs would be extremely prohibitive for end-users.

Breezair coolers have been installed in printing facilities, electronic manufacturing industries, automotive assembly lines and showrooms, ceramics, food industries, warehouses – check out our case studies for more information.

*Based on Seeley International internal calculation and on data from Sustainability Victoria. Breezair coolers have been compared with average and latest technology direct expansion coolers with the same cooling capacity as Breezair coolers.